Betting Stake Strategy

The best reason to play in areas where you have an advantage is to avoid getting wiped out. You want to avoid losing everything and starting again from zero. I don’t play in a game where the other people are wise, and I’m stupid.

Simple Kelly Calculator

To begin with, the Kelly Criterion sports strategy is not a strategy. It is a mathematical formula you can use to find out how much money it is best to stake on an opportunity. It helps you determine the size of the profit you can expect to generate based on your bankroll. So far, it seems like an easy and simple strategy to use. The following paragraphs will discuss the Kelly Criterion Sports betting strategy. It is used to create balance between reward and risk and can be applied both to investing and gambling.

The Kelly Bet Formula Lets Start With The Formula Itself Before We Dive Into Using It The Original Formula Goes Like This:

The rationale being every bet is growth optimal in the long run even if you only bet it once. Moreover you can find the same result with a simple grid search over bet sizes, obviating the need to estimate any parameters of the outcome distribution. If we’re close to an investment goal, like saving a house downpayment or retiring, the calculus is quite different.

Even when you meet many of the necessary prerequisites to use Kelly, it still doesn’t make sense at all. You are given a set amount of starting money, you play for a set number of hands , and you know the odds perfectly. However, the payout structure isn’t proportional to your final amount of money, so using Kelly has more or less no chance of winning any money in the tournament. They usually pay for the top N results, which means you have to go with a very high variance strategy AND win consistently to place. But critically, it depends on the size of your bankroll.

Given how powerful the formula has proven, its application extended rapidly far beyond the whims of investment and found its rightful place in the world of betting and gambling. Kelly Strategy, also Kelly Criterion, was conceived and propounded by John Larry Kelly Jr. in the year 1956. By hybrid, we mean that Kelly Criterion creatively combines the inner workings and logic and three staking plans. To understand this better, let’s take the simplest coin toss bet. You can place a bet on a coin toss with +100 odds or 2.00 decimal odds and the probability of the coin toss showing heads is fifty-five percent.

Information theory can be thought of as a way of quantifying information so as to make the best decision in the face of imperfect information. That is, how to make the best decision using only the information you have available. The area of gambling where this has the most use is sports betting.

Level Staking Variant: The Level Up Staking Strategy

Excel is an extremely powerful program that can be used for various betting related situations and none more so than calculating the Kelly criterion. It is possible to come up with Excel spreadsheets that do all the calculations in order to find out if a potential bet is viable under the Kelly criterion strategy. A punter simply needs to enter the various odds and probability numbers in order to come up with the figures. Punters with a smaller edge, for example, of 52% probability of success and odds of 3.00 should go with a stake of 4% (52%-48%).

Zig Zag Theory

Most people would naively expect that a favourable game would always have positive return as the number of plays increases. That’s a mental failure to account for the fact that the game ends if we lose everything. In practice, many practitioners use as a rule of thumb of 50% optimal bet size to account for uncertainty in their probability and payout estimations.

Appendix: Kelly Criterion As An R

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